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Lectures Interviews Exhibitions

Within today's context of remote working and online dialogues, digital borders are increasingly dissolving, and audiences are expanding. Access to asynchronous learning environments has allowed more people to experience and see work. Certainly already developing before COVID-19, this culture shift to working online is increasing the proliferation of digital exhibitions and curation projects. This year’s Wedge Gallery series is interested in participating in this larger conversation centered on finding new ways of operating outside the traditional gallery setting, while still maintaining a physical space somewhere in the world.

Lectures Interviews Exhibitions is an online series focused on individual work and voices within a group exhibition context. In this age of social distancing, our personal computers and mobile phones have become basecamp to produce work and collaborate. Instead of exhibiting physical objects and artifacts, we are presenting ideas through podcasts, desktop lecture recordings, interactive architecture applications, and animations. Zoom fatigue is real. Enjoy this digital space on your own time.

Link to Exhibition here.