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Four object-oriented blocks are organized above a grid filled with courtyards and steps. The two buildings on the ends are public bathrooms accompanied by two shower buildings in the middle. Their exteriors perform as public art while their interiority is organized around the function of showers and toilets.

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Old, outdated, function over form public bathrooms have become base camp for the homeless. Juxtaposed with a working city filled with public parks and urban traffic, the pubic bathroom has become an unfavorable detail within the city. This proposal addresses that issue through the redesign of what a public shower and bathroom might mean with in the city.

Mayor Eric Garcetti included in his 2017-2018 Los Angeles Budget Summary, $76 million in Proposition HHH funding for new permanent supportive housing projects and $12 million in HHH funding for new facilities to connect homeless Angelinos to services.  The Public Works Improvements Arts Program (PWIAP) mandates that one-percent of the total cost of all construction, improvements, or renovation projects undertaken by the city of Los Angeles must be set aside for public art projects. Architects, urban planners, designers and artist should consider rewriting this narrative into a more collaborative operation; possibly a hyped design of both public showers and bathrooms as public art.