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Woodbury University Hollywood Outpost presents Building Drawings, an exhibition featuring the work of Bryan Cantley of Form:uLA, an experimental design studio in Los Angeles. Cantley is a professor of Design Theory at CSUF, School of the Arts, and as the founder of Form:uLA, his work explores the boundaries of architecture and representation and the role of drawing within the discourse of visionary space.

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Formu:LA has been conducting architectural research and experimentation since 1992. The work of Form:uLA recognizes + celebrates movement and makes an attempt to explore the relationship between physical environment, inhabitant, and observer. Process and methodology are the strong areas of pursuit in both Cantley’s studio and teaching approach. The studio attempts to define the solving of problems without becoming a slave to style or aesthetic convention. Having limited precedence, the work brings the association between architecture and the culture of technology into sharper focus. The approach centers on process: shape grammars, formal transformations, and Hyperspace theory.


WUHO Gallery

Work by  

︎︎︎Bryan Cantley


︎︎︎Ryan Tyler Martinez

Curator Assistant

Ka Kit Chiu, Drew Hartley, Demar Matthews, Parsa Rezaee, Cindy Rojas, Miguel Ruiz


October 20th – November 30th, 2018